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January 18, 2009



I love your potholders - especially the one with the blue doll on it. How cute and practical too! It's nice to make small things that can be finished and enjoyed in a short time.


Oh wow! that matryoshka doll pot holder is awesome!!!!! :D


oh the pot holders are adorable!! and so are the dolls! lucky you. The pussy willows remind me of my nan, in the 70s when she would come away with us we always had to quickly stop the car if she saw them on the side of the road, she would pick them and take them home and sit them in dye to drink they would always be very 70s colours like orange!!!!


I love babushka dolls,what a great colourfull way to start my week!today the newspapers said it was going to be the gloomiest day of the year,because 1 it is monday full week of work ahead 2no one has any money left and still a long way to go 3 weather is not nice here in Hollan..and there were so many other gloomy details they offered us in the media...all I can say YOU BRIGHTEN MY DAY!I don't feel any of the disaster scenario here!!thanks!hugs to you!


Cute pot holders it is always good to improve on the design. You can gut ?? heat resistant stuff to put in pot holders. I know Hettie's Patch sells it.
I love how the pussy tails are catching the light.

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crasfts

Love all your pot holders Jenny, have you seen the holders that just go over the handles? I'll send you a pic. They are great.


Looks like pot holder making is addictive! How wonderful to have your own matroyshkas from Russia!


Your pot holders are just adorable! Great to see the matryoshka fabric there! I love the little doll fabric too!


Lovely potholders! Those circles look brilliant!


Lovely are the potholders!
Kind regards,

Sonnja & Bear Zonn


your pot holders are so cute! Those little dolls are beautiful too!


love the colour choices...matches beautifully with yr blog colours! hope you haven't melted over there

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