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January 26, 2009



Have a great day!


Oh back to reality and a nice hot week to get back into the swing of things. You were very lucky to have the bikes so close with out the hoards of spectators. Have a nice Australia Day.


Hope Rosie has lots of adventures this year! Good luck getting back into the routine (we have a week left - yayy!) and hope you get a good class of students.


I'm so envious of your proximity to the tour down under. How cool.

Hope you have a great start to the school year.


are you feeling as sad as julian is that the holidays are over :(
i'm sure once he's back it will be okay, but boy does he love holidays.
goodluck this week - hope it runs smoothly for you.


Happy Australia day!!!
we're getting ready for school this week too...im looking forward to a regular routine, hope the new school year goes well for you!
cool shots of the cyclists!

Annie Wynen

Hi Jenny, You gave me a great laugh at those 3 little words!!! Have a lovely last day tomorrow. I'm planning some garden time and a little sewing. I did the housework today. It's been a great break away from routine, but I think my family is ready to get back on the train of it all.


Could you pick out Lance in the pack? The girls are getting very excited about starting kindy next week!


well the first week back has been scorching...hope the classroom has been ok. Do you cool off at the beach in the evenings?


We went to look at the tour down under once when it first started. We stood for ages, and then the bike riders came, whoosh! It was over! Haven't been since, but if it was at the end of my street I'd definitely walk down for a look!

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