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September 18, 2011



I bet that's a long list!

My friend read that book with her kids and they made 1000 cranes. They were completely absorbed by the task and so jubilant when they completed it!


Fabulous and how beautiful with them out in the garden


Wonderful paper cranes. I wish you had been my teacher what fun. I LOVE the last photo what inspiration.


Hi Jen!!!!!I was just over at your snappy friends blog...wowieeee I love that idea!!as I just already said:-)I have always loved your photo's and now I will be able to see many many more:))))I love this post also Jen,I love paper cranes.You have inspired me to start making some again soon,thank you!!!!hugs D


Simply beautiful...lovely!


I love that book, so beautiful and sad, I cry each time I think of it. It was actually my first connection with Japan, which as you know later turned into a (what I'm sure will be) a life-long love affair.

I went to Hiroshima a few years back and visited Sadako's memorial. It was beautiful and surrounded by box after box overflowing with paper cranes from all around the world, including many from Australian schools.

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